SEO Services Overview: User-focused Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process, art, and semi-science of getting more and better website traffic from search engines. For established sites looking to get ahead, SEO can involve everything from slight development adjustments to major overhauls… For new sites, SEO can be instilled from day one.

Professional SEO means putting together a strategy, usually incorporating design, development, content, and link-building campaigns.

It isn’t easy, exact, or immediate… But it is worth it.

If we do all this search engine stuff to my site, is it gonna look like Googleborgs wrote it?

When it comes to SEO, we talk a lot about Google. Obviously. But the coolest part is this: When your site is easy for Google and other search engines to see and use, chances are your customers will enjoy the same experience. The way we do it, at least.

For example, writing clear and keyword-conscious page titles is good SEO. It also helps your guests find exactly what they’re looking for on a page. Good for Google, and good for users. It goes on and on.

We believe that good SEO goes hand-in-hand with good web design, good web development, and good web content.

Try this test: take a look at the sites that actually rank high for competitive keywords. Odds are, they look and read like they were made by thinking people.

That’s fantastic, but I thought SEO was all about winning. I just want to outrank competing websites.

Well sure. If your customers have an easier experience finding and using your site than with your competitor’s, you win. But remember this… ranking highly on Google is a tactic, not a strategy. SEO needs to be a logical extension of your marketing, not just competition for the hell of it.

I want to gain better search traffic. Now what?

We’re glad you’re out to win. And if anybody tells you they’ve discovered an easy way for any site to get tons of instant search traffic surges, they’re either lying or begging for search engine penalties. ENGINE does SEO the right way. It takes time, but it works. Contact us for a boost above your competition.