Latest Project: Drupal Website for Syracuse's The Image Initiative, Inc.

The Image Initiative, Inc. is a Syracuse, New York nonprofit dedicated to helping young women of color. They asked us to build an expressive website that puts them in charge of all their content and gives them plenty of room to grow.

The site features a custom Drupal build, an original theme with multiple highly distinct templates, and lots of Views/CCK work to ensure all their newest content goes where it’s supposed to go. We’re very proud of the finished product!

Lost in the Terrible UI Valley [Three Best Things 1/18/10 - 1/24/10]

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Because we love you

When it comes to Lost, I’m like a doorbuster sale… I have ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO INTEREST!!! But this seems like a thing that took work to make and that you’d like.

You're a Good Man, Jay Leno [Three Best Things, 1/11/10 - 1/17/10]

Two Rich Guys Arguing

Jimmy Kimmel lays into Jay Leno on Leno’s own show. Around 1:40, Kimmel dings Leno and Leno refuses to play along. You can see Kimmel’s eyes light up, as he realizes he gets to tee off on Leno for the next four minutes. Jay loses his audience, and all he can do is wait it out. I don’t watch any of these shows, so I don’t really have a dog well-trained competitor in this fight, but Leno is impossible to like at this point.

“Why would anybody ever wanna leave Baltimore? That’s what I’m askin’.”

The new trailer for Treme, the upcoming series by The Wire’s creators:

My Friend BADADO, and the New Monroe Doctrine


I used to work with a guy named Ronald.

He was the happiest guy in the world, always joking and getting away with hitting on customers and belting out island music. We nicknamed him BADADO (all caps: essential) because that’s what his songs sounded like to us. He thought that was hilarious and started calling everybody else BADADO too. Even when he was sad because he couldn’t see his kid after his ole lady left, he still greeted us by hollering “BADADOOOO!”

I remember one night it snowed as were closing the store. He’d never seen snow before and was taking pictures of everybody in the parking lot like we’d won something.

Last I recall, he was putting himself through tech school. Ronald’s from Haiti.


In the 1800s, the U.S. had a military policy called the Monroe Doctrine. Basically, the U.S. intended to protect the many smaller islands and nations in its hemisphere from European colonization. Sure, some people involved likely didn’t have the purest of intentions, but that’s beside the point — somewhere along the line, somebody realized that neighbors have to look out for the neighborhood.

Haiti’s in our neighborhood. If you live near us in Atlanta, for example, you live closer to Haiti than you do to anything past El Paso, Texas or northwest of Aspen, Colorado.


If you can text (and Lord knows you can text), then you can kick in. Text Haiti to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti.


Slash-and-Burned Amazon Wasteland: More Civilized Than Twitter [Three Best Things, 1/4/10 - 1/10/10]

  • Anil Dash shows how Twitter’s much-worked-up-about Suggested Users List is actually nothing of consequence: Life on the List makes it clear that even though Anil gains “100 new followers every hour” thanks to the List, almost all of these are first-and-only-time users, robots, or zombies. Nobody Has a Million Twitter Followers extends the survey beyond Anil’s site, demonstrating why the Suggested Users List should work at a zoo and stop bothering people*, as it plainly offers no value to any woman, man, child, or organization that could ever exist.
  • You didn’t see this coming, but we’re about to kind of talk about Miley Cyrus. Now. Specifically, how “Party in the USA” is more of a Jay-Z song than a Michael song, no matter what Miss Cyrus’ editor would have us believe. “We are post-racial to the extent that an incredibly elaborate set of determinations has got us to the place where a song can be at once entirely dipped in the language of hip-hop and come out of the river shining of country grammar.” Miley Cyrrrrrrrrrus.
  • You thought the Amazon was being deforested due to overexpansion and quests for riches. Of course not! We were just trying to find El Dorado all this time, which it seems, has happened. El Dorado, of course, was the legendary city whose kings took turns dumping a lot of money in a hole. Told you we found El Dorado.

* -