What Graffiti Will Look Like in 100 Years [Three Best Things 3/8/10 - 3/14/10]


  • Thing: Attention Is the Real Resource by John Gruber. Should publishers offer full posts or teasers in their RSS feeds? Somehow it’s still up for debate. Our stance is that “Click for more after the jump” sounds the same as “Goodbye” to most readers. Gruber: “A reader asking for a full-content RSS feed is a reader who wants to pay more attention to what you publish. There have to be ways to thrive financially from that.”
  • Thing: What May Happen in the Next 100 Years by Ladies’ Home Journal, 1900. Someone dug up a IN THE YEAR 2000 list of predictions that’s… actually really close to right, from the Internet to air travel to agricultural genetic engineering. (Not the intricacies of each, of course, but the effects. Also I would link to the blog this came from, but that blog’s been removed by Blogger for SPAMMIN’.)
  • Thing: REVERSE GRAFFITI: South African Artists Tag Walls By Scrubbing Them Clean by Inhabitat. Self-explanatory:

Via Inhabitat

Unrelated Video: Spring Is Pretty Much Here, Tusas

In honor of another winter’s passing, it’s time to pay respects to all those who tried to have a phone conversation on a frozen lake and kept getting corralled by stunt bikers. Take it away, Tusas on ice: