Michael Jackson

Three Best Things, 10/26/09 - 11/1/09: Dance Like Larry Johnson Is Watching

  • Artist recreates Manhattan skyline on 18’x3’ canvas, all from memory.
  • Frowny-faced NFL player Larry Johnson’s feet really cover a lot of ground. Sadly, they find his mouth more often than they find the end zone. Jay Smooth sets LJ straight:
  • Your weekly inspiration: At some point this week, it’ll be high time to give nary a crap what your bourgeois lawyer friends think, just like this man dancing with authority to MJ at the bus stop day in and day out:

Three Best Things 8/17/09 - 8/23/09: Remembering Michael Jackson, Forgetting Brett Favre, & Killin' Nazis

  1. If you only read one Michael Jackson article for the rest of the year after reading 2,138 of them a few weeks ago, make it GQ’s September cover story.
  2. Some things on movies:
    • Uncomfortable Plot Summaries
    • This marvel:
    • I’ve wondered what it is that’s so creepy about the premise of Inglourious Basterds (revisionist WW2 cheat-code rampage by Nazi-scalping Jews). The Peril of Perfect Evil captures a lot of it. (I wrote about five paragraphs here, but deleted them all. They were pretty good and REALLY rambly.)
  3. On an infinitely lighter note, here’s 25 things that are easier to get rid of than Brett Favre.