Three Best Things, 10/13/09 - 10/18/09: Remembering Christopher Columbus in Space

  • Who doesn’t start a new week by tracing the paths of hundreds of spacecraft? Click for your morning SCIENCE:

    Look at Galileo! A spin around Venus, two laps around Earth, then a dramatic death spiral around Jupiter. A death spiral around Jupiter — no matter what, you won’t have a more stressful week than that.

  • Danny Sullivan’s SEO FAQ That’s Not From The Land Of Unicorns and Open Letter To Derek Powazek On The Value Of SEO, written in retort to the feelgood linkbait of the week, that one weird SEO rant that got popular around Wednesday.
  • Certainly the best possible explanation for why we still celebrate Columbus Day. Also, A+ Halloween costume idea.

In web news, politicians still basically suck at internet. This time around it’s the red team: Top Ten Reasons Why The GOP Website Relaunch Is Fizzlin’.


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