Microsoft's Bing Claims Windows 7 Is Hot on Twitter Right Now... Is It?

Microsoft’s Bing recently announced a search deal with Twitter. They’ve created a new page meant to show hot topics on Twitter. Here’s what that page looked like at 10:22pm, October 21, right after the Bing-Twitter deal went public: Hottest Topics

Microsoft’s Windows 7? Really? “Thong Song” makes sense — it was being performed on Glee at the time. Modern Family was on, and the next Angels vs. Yankees game was around the corner. But that many people were chattering about Windows 7? If they’re buzzing about a Microsoft venture, wouldn’t it more likely be Bing itself, given the day’s news?

Here’s Twitter’s official Trending Topics block at the same moment, 10:22pm:

Twitter Hottest Topics

There’s Glee, “Thong Song,” baseball, dumb Kanye jokes… nothing about Windows or Microsoft.

And, for a third-party perspective, here’s Twitscoop’s hot trends cloud, also from 10:22pm, same night:

BuzzScoop Hottest Topics

Thong is on fire right now! The Phillies are playing as we speak! REPORTING LIVE FROM THE INTERNET: Isn’t anybody as excited about Microsoft Windows 7 as they are about Cougar Town??

The Moral Moment

Clearly, Windows 7 is not actually hot on Twitter at the moment. It’s not presented on the Bing page as an ad, but what else to call it? If Microsoft wants to advertise Windows 7 on their Twitter page, that’s fine. But this kind of thing just makes them look old and out of touch. What happens when the unsatisfied Windows 7 users start piping up? Think their tweets will appear on

The Bing commercials are right: it’s not just a search engine. It’s a Microsoft ad.


if you understood how Bing

if you understood how Bing Twitter filtering works then you would understand where the hot topics from Bing comes from. it’s called filtering out all the RTs and more focused on real true hot topics.


[…] Industries’s Jason Kirk already accused Microsoft of using Bing’s Twitter trends to hawk Windows 7, since when he checked, the […]

have you tried to search

have you tried to search “Windows 7” at twitter when you wrote this post
I am curious how many posts about windows 7 were there
I suspect that it may actually happen that windows 7 was the hot trend but it did not get to other trendalizers due to different statistical methods to select the best results

For example, compare twitter hot trends with tweetscoop

they are different, but it does not mean that one of them is a cheater

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