Of Course Your Kids Get More Out Of Facebook Than They Do From School [Three Best Things 4/12/10 - 4/18/10]

  • Thing: Social, Super-Sized by social-creature. “The same technology that allows us to be more connected than ever before imaginable, on its flip side, perhaps even simply through contrast, has increased our capacity for loneliness. We have built up a new tolerance level, and all we do is want more more more. Hence, the compulsion to feel a part of something, something massive, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other people, all experiencing the same trending topic stream together as it scrolls by.” We should feel both comfort and horror when we think of the ways technology is enhancing (taking advantage of?) our prehistoric/biological need for social connection. In other words, how would Genghis Khan have used Foursquare?
  • Thing: 10 Ways to Access Blocked Stuff on the Web by Lifehacker. Now, if a site wants you to pay money for content, and you choose to access that content without paying, you’re stealing — whether you like Rupert Murdoch or not doesn’t change that fact. However, there are plenty of times when we’re unable to get to something, and there’s a perfectly good reason to bypass whatever’s in the way. Whether that means getting around Gmail downage, avoiding an overeager office or university page-blocker so you can get work-related research done, dodging an oppressive government, or watching legally streamed TV from another country, the internet always wins.
  • Thing: Why Teenagers Are Growing Up Slowly Today from Newsweek and Kids Learn Math Easily When They Control Their Own Learning from Psychology Today. The construct that comes to mind when we use the word school has little in common with the ideal learning environment. And it’s not about tweakable elements like student-to-teacher ratio — it’s about the whole concept of school and what we’re really trying to accomplish. You know this. But it’s worth repeating from top to bottom until everyone knows this.

Double Bonus

I swear I’ll do three sets each of Radioheads and Ghostfaces at max weight, max reps for saying this out loud, but CONFESSION TIME: I like two Creed songs. So it’s with only 99% ironic passion that I’m able to join in the LOLETARIAT on mocking this song Scott Stapp recorded for the Florida Marlins.

But you’re telling me you’re serving up “One-strike-two-strikes, swing aweey-ahhh/ A Diving Catch-hh! A stohe-len beeaase-ahh/ A perrfec game-uh! A trih-pul play-ahh!/ Anoe-tha playhoff ra-ace, YES?/ WORL SEE RIES CHEIMPS WELL [CRACK!] BEE!”, all over Friday Night Lights guitars run through the NASCAR-mosh filter? Oh, it’s summertime, friends:

Ambitious dunk contest participant somehow, someway winds up with half his leg submerged in the basket. You want to talk about mainlining social media — note the immediate cameraphones-to-ladders ratio once everyone realizes what’s happened.

The citizen journalism impulses of today’s youth? Flourishing.



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Marlins song is a great song

Marlins song is a great song no one said you g=had to listen to it.

My new favorite

My new favorite song http://scottstapp.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/scott-stapp-florida-marlins/

Thanks for posting. I love Scott Stapps voice! I’m a Brazilian fan… Now I’m listening to a great song: “Sublime”!

ROCK ON! Best singer best

ROCK ON! Best singer best band of the century. Marlins do soar! So does Scott Stapp. No matter what he always ends up on his feet. Praise Jesus and thank God for him =) Blessed Be!

I don’t agree with this.

I don’t agree with this. Marlins will soar was inspiring at the game. Guess you had to be there. For any fans Check out Scottstapp.com lots of news and vids there, And it’s free to sign up!


Creed 2010 Tour


In the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio with Creed


Hope to see you in Poland.
Rock on!!!! rules! Can’t wait for the upcoming tour, it’s going to be kick ass

Very nice interview on

Very nice interview on Explore Music:

I love the song AWAY IN

I love the song AWAY IN SILENCE, is very beautiful ….

ps. Incredible interview:

Creed’s Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp interview on VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Interview 1 of 2


Creed’s Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp interview on VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Interview 2 of 2




Scott … do not stop to say

Scott … do not stop to say your voice is special, unique, simply perfect !!!!!! May God bless you always! CREED FOREVER! I hope to see them in my country! The Brazil waiting for you arms wide open! I love you so much! No explanation is the love I have for this band! The Creed has fans worldwide! Today I have wonderful friends in common who love this band perfectly! The Creed brought us together! Thanks Scott! Thanks Creed!

Thank you for your music, for

Thank you for your music, for your return, and that you are the best team in the world!
I love your music since you are for me, it is a tremendous force in my life, is something wonderful and unique, thanks to her life takes on color and the day is better!
Your new album is great, as well as the other!
Amazing thanks to you for your fans, but fans should thank you! lol



I am pleased that in March, again will be the next tour, I hope to visit Poland.
I am glad that so began the decisions, because there are many people in the entire entourage, who want to watch you live and this is their great dream.
Thank you for that route in which I also could participate:)
Never give up and always be yourself always Creed!
Much love for your and every success!
Greetings from Polish
May God and the angels bless you!
Your forever friend and fan!

You have touched so may

You have touched so may people with your music and your wonderful loving soul. I admirer your dedication immensely to our Armed Forces. I salute you! You have always made my soul feel good inside. THANK YOU! I think God will always see your unconditional love your soul always wants to give people. You have encouraged so many with love and giving hope or confidence. You are an encouragement to others. I LOVE YOU!

and have a rockin good week

and have a rockin good week Mr. Scott Stapp!!

your new singe is

your new singe is Aweeeeesoooome, you rock!!!!:)

Scott’s voice is

Scott’s voice is wonderful!!!!…the more perfect!!!!You do not know of the importance in my life and the lives of fans! And Spain loves the Scott and Creed! I love with all my soul!!!!!!

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greetings, happy to be able to visit your blogs this. Her very useful information.

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